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We are excited to be developing a brand new modular prosthesis system, unlike any other on the market. Our prosthesis is focused on providing mobility, strength, comfort, and confidence to those with limb differences.

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Modular Matter has developed a revolutionary material for transferring loads to and from the human body, as well as monitoring real-time biofeedback data. Among other applications, we’re using this technology to build an ultra-comfortable and stable prosthesis. Our patent-pending technology allows the device to grow and change with the user through modular reconfiguration, as well as adjust to short-term volume changes for a perfect fit every time.

Jeffrey L. Gair, Jr., PhD

Dr. Gair is the Founder and CEO of Modular Matter, Inc., as well as the inventor of the modular prosthesis. He has 14 years of experience in mechanical engineering, materials science, emergent design, and bioengineering. Before starting Modular Matter, he spent time at University of Maryland, the United States Army Research Laboratory, and MIT where he worked with many amazing scientists and engineers. These past experiences, along with his passion for tackling the impossible, drove him to form Modular Matter, where he works to help those with limb differences.

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